A step closer to your IT career in Norway

The We Ignite Tech program is a three month evening course aiming to get people with a tech background closer to the norwegian IT market

The first iteration of the We Ignite Tech program has just finished. Twelve participants just graduated and some of them have already steped into the IT market. Enlighted by this positive experience, we will start a new session of the program in september 2019


A step closer to your IT career in Norway

Accurate technologies

The program is based on modern and well used technologies (programming languages, frameworks, tools and methodologies)

Industry standards

Course material is based on our teachers experience from the field in the norwegian and international IT industry

Practical learning

The participants of the program improve both their technical and team-work skills by doing concrete projects and delivering software

Individual coaching

The program is also about improving the participants personal skills through dedicated course sessions and individual coaching

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