We Ignite Tech

Providing IT talents and diversity to Norwegian businesses

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The We Ignite Tech Program

A free 3-month programming course

Web development

We teach web development through accurate and modern technologies

Soft skills

About 25% of the program is dedicated to personal improvement and communication


Each participant to the program will work on a project within a team

Submissions are now closed

The submissions to the program are now closed for the current session. But we are planning a new session in the begining of 2020. If you are interested, please contact us.

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Our Vision

Welcome developers

New-commers to Norway with a software development background are welcome to the We Ignite Tech program

Accurate content

The program is based on modern and well used technologies (programming languages, tools and methodologies)

Practical learning

The participants improve both their technical skills and team abilities by doing concrete projects and delivering software


The participants improve personal skills through dedicated course sessions and individual coaching

Industry standards

Course material is based on our teachers experience from the field in the norwegian and international IT industry


We organize on-site visits, workshops and happenings to make the participants and norwegian IT companies meet each others

Our Results

50% of the participants are now in the norwegian IT industry

Three month after the first iteration of the program, 50% of the participants had a job position or a training contract

  • 92% Completed the program

  • 95% Statisfaction towards the program

  • 100% Participants called to job interview




Teaching hours


Delivered projects


External speakers


We Ignite Tech

We Ignite Tech is a young start-up of IT professionals with a passion for sharing their knowledge of computer programming.

The We Ignite Tech program is their product. It is a three month evening course aiming to get people with a tech background closer to the norwegian IT market. The program is free and requires full dedication and a good amount of work from the participants. The applicants should have a real motivation and strong interest for computer programming and plan to start a career as a web developer in Norway. It is required to attend all the classes of the program.

Programming for the norwegian IT industry

Our main focus is to provide tailor made courses to the participants of the program. We rely on our experience of IT professionals and deliver accurate technical knowledge through theory and practical courses.

Coaching the participants

We follow the participants in their effort to find a job on the norwegian IT industry. We help them to enhance their communication skills and their knowledge of the norwegian way of working.

Our Team


Henrik Skjerve

Founder & coach


Ingar Kvalheim

Head of Design & coach


Mari Røysheim

Head of Recruitment & tech-coach


Thomas Dufourd

Co-founder & tech-coach


Vinh Nguyen

Head of Business Development & coach


Erlend Seppola


Our Partners


Oslo kommune

Financial supports via Integreringstiltak for flyktninger



Offers a mentor program



Provides on-site tech classes



Start-up incubator is an ideal work place

Contact Us

Contact Details

We are based at SoCentral, in Sentralen, Øvre Slottsgate 3, 0157 Oslo (Stortinget metro stop) at the 5th floor

Øvre Slottsgate 3, 0157 Oslo, Norway
Email: hei@weignite.tech
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